Norah Head Lighthouse

Norah Head Lighthouse is a 27-metre-tall heritage lighthouse on the Central Coast of NSW. Originally commissioned in November 1903 to help guide ships and warn of treacherous waters.

Designed by architect Charles Assinder Harding for the NSW Government, the building is made of precast concrete blocks and painted bright white and topped with a black lantern room. A lower section features a bluestone terrace with gunmetal railings. There are 96 steps from the base to the top.

The lighthouse features distinctive curved shapes around the base, designed to give the structure unique design features and characteristics that could be seen from afar, further aiding ships in navigation and knowing where they were.

The original light source was a kerosene vapour lamp that was tended to by a resident lighthouse keeper.

In 1961 the lamp was converted to electricity with a quartz-halogen bulb. The lamp itself also features a unique signature pattern of one flash every 15 seconds, and today has a range of 50 kilometres (27 nautical miles).

Since 1994 the lighthouse has been fully automated with no need for a permanent lighthouse keeper. The original cottages adjacent to the lighthouse have been converted into accommodation.

Norah Head Lighthouse is situated in a scenic reserve with access to the beach, picnic areas, walking tracks and more. The reserve is well-known for birdwatching and local wildlife.

Norah Head Lighthouse




40 Bush St, Norah Head NSW


The best transport option is by car with dedicated parking available on site. Local buses do stop in nearby Norah Head but will require a short walk.

Good to know

The lighthouse and surrounding precinct can be hired for functions including weddings, making for a unique and distinctive venue. In-depth guided tours of the lighthouse are run daily, with night tours held as special events throughout the year. See the official website for more information including prices and availability.


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